What is Android? We’re now not talking approximately robots. In this case, we’re speaking approximately smartphones. Android is a popular, Linux-based cellular smartphone operating system developed via Google. The Android operating device (OS) powers phones, watches, and even car stereos. Let’s take a more in-depth appearance and learn what Android absolutely is.
Android is a widely-followed open-supply project. Google actively develops the Android platform but offers a part of it free of charge to hardware manufacturers and contact vendors who want to use Android on their gadgets. Google only prices manufacturers if in addition, they set up the Google apps portion of the OS.

Many (but not all) major gadgets that use Android also choose the Google apps part of the service. One notable exception is Amazon. Although Kindle Fire drugs use Android, they do not use the Google portions, and Amazon maintains a separate Android app store.

Person using an Android phone

Beyond the Phone

Android powers telephones and tablets, but Samsung has experimented with Android interfaces on non-smartphone electronics like cameras and even refrigerators. Android TV is a gaming/streaming platform that uses Android. Parrot makes a digital image body and a vehicle stereo system with Android. Some devices customize the open-supply Android without the Google apps, so you may or won’t understand Android while you see it. The listing of customizations and applications goes on and on.

Google Play (Android Market)

Android phones and start growing for the Google Play store. Developers who sell apps at the Google Play market are charged about 30% of their sales price in prices that pass to keep the Google Play market. (A fee version is quite regular for app distribution markets.)

Some gadgets do not include guide for Google Play and might use an opportunity market. Kindles use Amazon’s very own app marketplace, which means Amazon makes the cash off of any app sales.


Android supports a touchscreen and is difficult to use without one. You can use a trackball for a few navigation, however nearly the whole lot is done via touch. Android also helps multi-touch gestures together with pinch-to-zoom. That said, Android is flexible sufficient that it is able to potentially assist other input methods, inclusive of joysticks (for the Android TV) or physical keyboards.

The smooth keyboard (onscreen keyboard) in most versions of Android supports both tapping keys for my part or dragging among letters to spell out words. Android then guesses what you mean and auto-completes the word. This drag-fashion interaction may appear slower at first, however experienced users discover it much faster than tap-tap-tapping messages.