Ways to do efficient Facebook Marketing

Before Facebook, MySpace was the big thing. But Facebook’s growth has been exponential, from its time of inception to its 2.4 billion monthly active users in 2019. It is the most popular social media platform to exist worldwide. It has been holding onto its crown tightly and steadfastly.

It allows you to connect with millions of people at a single platform. Not only that it allows you to engage with people through textual content, visual content and even live videos. It is not just a platform where you connect to friends and family. It has grown to become something much bigger.

It is a place where celebrities connect with their followers, its an online gallery for those who want to share their art with the fans, the parchment for the writers who want to pen their thoughts for their readers and an online market for businesses wishing to connect to their clients.

Many businesses realize the immense potential of Facebook as a marketing tool and have been using it to their advantage. It doesn’t matter what your business is, you can definitely benefit from Facebook. It is a great place to connect to customers and let them know more about your brand. For example, real estate Facebook marketing can make a real-estate company connect to their clients easier through informative and visual content.

We want to share some ways you can use Facebook for marketing and promoting your brand.

How to do effective marketing through Facebook?

Using Facebook as your business space

Facebook is a great free marketing tool that allows you to share posts, images, videos and links on a customizable page. Not only that you get to develop your brand identity online and it allows you to list your products and services. This gives the customer a clear picture of your brand.

You need to precise your content according to your niche of the market and your customers. It has to be relevant but always try to keep your content a little light and fun. Balance your business side with your human funny side. A good mix of informative and entertaining content is sure to make your customers stay and bring more people to your page.

Promote through Facebook advertising

Facebook gives the option of posting adds for your product and services to promote them. Make it a part of your Facebook marketing strategy to help your business grow. Some common features of Facebook advertising are:

  • Targets the population on the basis of user data such as age, location, and interests.
  • Allows you to set add budgets
  • You can do Ad testing by comparing trial Ads and checking which is more effective
  • Measuring Ad performance using built-in tools

It is a very effective way to increase your likes on this social media platform. These Ads will pop up in people’s newsfeed urging them to visit your page and check it out.

Promote your Facebook posts

You pay a certain amount to promote your posts. Facebook highlights your chosen posts and makes sure that your post is certain to reach a certain number of people, increasing a post’s reach and impression.

All your followers can’t be online all the time and might miss out on posts if no post promotion is done. Post promotion increases the chances of your viewers actually watching your posts.

Use sponsored stories as a part of your strategy

These capitalize on the word of mouth marketing. Sponsored stories allow a user to see the reaction of their friends to a certain page, Suppose if three of their friends like a page it will pop up on your feed and allow you to take the same action.

These act as a referral or positive feedback, if your friend likes it you think that you are most probably to like it too. They are easy to create using Facebook ad create flow. If you want open graph sponsored stories with a customized call to action option you will have to reach out to third-party providers.

Use Facebook open graph

Many applications give you a Facebook login prompt, the purpose behind this is to connect you with the Facebook open graph. It allows businesses to mark user’s interactions with their apps. These third-party apps connect users and when they do a specific action on the app it automatically posts a notice on Facebook.

Facebook Exchange

You can use real-time bidding to retarget your ads through the Facebook exchange. It uses the user’s web history data to promote products. For example, if you visit an online retail store but fail to make a purchase, Facebook will make their product ads appear in the newsfeed.


Real Estate Social Media Marketing is one of the most prominent way to market real estate business. Make use of this mogul of the online world to boost your businesses. You can enjoy easy access to so many people at once and have an efficient option of advertising and client follow up.