If you need to build your own internet site, you can’t go incorrect with WordPress. This flexible, effective Content Management System (CMS) powers over 30% of all websites on the internet, making it the main platform.

However, like a TSA agent, it can be intimidating at first glance.

Fortunately, WordPress is much easier to recognize than your airport’s ever-converting security protocol. With just a brief introduction, you’ll quickly discover yourself capable of creating a lovely internet site in about 5 minutes. Plus, you may personalize it to meet your actual needs and goals.

And you don’t even take your footwear off!

This article is a brief WordPress crash course, explaining what the platform is and why it’s so special. I’ll also come up with a concept of what this CMS may be used for, then show you a way to get started with DreamHost.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), a platform you could use to build and preserve a website with out any information of coding. This software permits you to customize pretty much every element of your site.

The first version of WordPress changed into created in 2003 through Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. It started as a easy platform designed for individuals who desired to create primary blogs and host them on the internet. Over time, however, it’s grown into a flexible, powerful tool for creating almost any form of site.

Before transferring on, it’s vital to make certain we’re on the same page. There are variations among WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org. The former is a website builder where you can create and host a site for free. It’s easy to use but also restricted in what it may do. WordPress.Org is a more effective platform so we’ll be that specialize in it for the relaxation of this article.

What Makes WordPress Unique?

The first aspect you need to apprehend about WordPress is that it is open-source software. If you aren’t acquainted with the term, it approach the platform isn’t restricted beneath copyright or trademark and is freely available for every body to download and adjust (below what is known as the GNU General Public License).

What’s extra, it approach the WordPress Core is developed and maintained through a committed network.

This is amazing news for you as a person for numerous reasons:

The platform is (and always will) be loose to apply.
Many loose and low-value tools are created for use with WordPress (extra on this in a moment).
WordPress is designed by way of its network to be user-friendly and to have the capabilities most wished with the aid of internet site creators.
You have a number of freedom in how you pick to use and interact with the software and may regulate it in any manner you’d like through coding and other gear.
The fact that WordPress is open-supply has enabled it to increase a strong, numerous community of members and enthusiasts, who regularly accumulate at WordCamps around the globe.

Things You Can Do With WordPress?

WordPress commenced as a small, running a blog-targeted platform. This approach it has loads of features that lend themselves to blogs, and it’s possibly the quality solution you could locate for that kind of website online. There’s an easy-to-use editor for growing posts, robust feedback functionality, and lots more.

However, WordPress is now not just for blogs. In fact, you can use it to create pretty much any form of web page you may imagine. Here is only a small choice of the type of websites WordPress is ideal for:

Online portfolios: With the proper WordPress theme, you may exhibit your achievements and skills, or show your paintings and beyond projects.
Affiliate websites: If you need to create an affiliate advertising and marketing website (or monetize your web site in some different way), the WordPress community offers lots of devoted solutions.
News sites: WordPress’ blog layout works nicely for information articles, and a number of the same capabilities lend themselves to both running a blog and news sites.
E-commerce stores: If you’re jogging a store on-line (or making plans to), there are masses of WordPress tools, including the WooCommerce plugin, to make the activity simple (be certain to test out our WooCommerce Hosting package to get started).
Community hubs: You can effortlessly create forums, fan websites, information bases, wikis, or any different location for like-minded people to gather online.
Business websites: Whether your enterprise is massive or small, you may share information, offer touch details, include your branding, and construct a sturdy on line presence.