Weed Smell

Have you ever smoked a joint from the cannabis dispensary Toronto? If yes, you must be familiar with the weed smell very well. Many smokers simply consider it as a part of their smoking experience. Still, their family members or acquaintances might not always like those particular aromas.

In this post, we are going to cover the factors behind causing the specific weed aroma and tips for preventing the weed smell, and how to perfectly wind it up when in hurry.

The Factors Making Up the Particular Weed Smell

The strength or weakness of any weed flower depends upon the duration of time the cannabis plant is harvested. If harvested till full maturity, the smell is going to be quite pungent. However, if the harvest time is not fulfilled till maturity, the younger cannabis plants do not hold such a strong and powerful smell and are bearable to quite an extent.

Terpenes are also one of those factors directly casting an impact on the overall marijuana smell. When the Toronto cannabis dispensary cannabis plant is mixed with a variety of potential therapeutic benefits, the terpenes present in them start exhibiting potential effects and specific odors. One of the most fragrant terpenes is the Linalool that possesses a smell similar to a strong citrus scent.

Talking about the strains due to cannabis, these are high in linalool and may smell even stronger due to the presence of linalool, the fragrant terpene. All the other strains are linked with a notoriously intense smell that is, at times unbearable. Talking about the skunky smell of weed, it comes due to the abundant presence of the myrcene (terpene) in cannabis. This is derived from cardamom, lemongrass, or hops, making it quite a blend of earthly undertones.

As soon as weed is smoked, the smell itself starts penetrating the air. This smell is a total mixture of the combined rolling paper, ash, smoke, fire, and such external factors, which make the smell float all across the room, which might be disturbing at times.

5 Best Tips to Prevent Weed Odor

If you want to avoid that unpleasant weed smell taking over all around you, you can adopt numerous strategies for it. Going across the below-mentioned ways, things can seem to be way better, adopting which you can minimize the weed smell.

  • Try choosing the cannabis strain that offers a minimal fragrance. Some of the common light fragrances include blue mystic, polar express, northern lights, and papaya.
  • Storing the cannabis right away in an air-tight container can help it a lot in staying fresh, and thus it doesn’t turn out to be skunky.
  • Opt for the methods of consumption that do not require smoke. These include cannabis edibles and vape pens.
  • Rather than going for a joint or a bong, choose pipes if you have no other option left, but to smoke. These pipes consume lesser smoke as compared to bongs and joints, and thus the smell doesn’t get too strong. Similarly, you can also use one-hitters or flower vaporizers.
  • Try making a spoof and use it for exhaling smoke, if you have dryer sheets, rubber bands, or toilet paper in your access.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Weed Smell

If you still fail in covering up the weed smell despite all your efforts, there are still numerous ways available to handle the situation. These tips are proven to be effective and can get you rid of unwanted situations. Using the mentioned ways, you can get fresh air to breathe in a place that is covered up all with the smoke.

  • Try to open the windows for letting fresh air come in. if this isn’t enough, spray some air freshener for bringing out a sense of freshness in the room.
  • The deodorant should be organic and non-toxic, to avoid causing harm to any children or animals that are in contact with the particular environment.
  • Opt for cooking something to overcome the smell of weed. Any dish with an aromatic smell can do that.
  • As far as your own self is concerned, jump into the shower immediately to get rid of the pungent smell.