10 Best French Polynesia All-Inclusive Resorts

The all-inclusive resorts at French Polynesia are not only modern in every aspect, but also make your holidays more memorable by ushering lots of luxurious amenities. Exploring the exquisitely beautiful French Polynesia essentially means staying in lavish resorts with all kinds of luxury utilities and very nice. Having a little bit of information about the top resorts would provide you with some clear ideas about what to expect from these majestic lodging options.

Hilton Bora-Bora

It is one of the most famed French Polynesia all-inclusive resorts from where you will have the luxury of viewing a picturesque horizon. The resort-studded with various modern amenities will also provide you with ample scope to take photographs of the magnificent Mt. Otemanu.

Intercontinental Le Moana

For a perfect view of scenic lagoons, you need to lodge here, considered to be among theĀ premium French Polynesia all-inclusive resortsĀ . The breakfast is being served by friendly staff, delivered on a beautiful canoe. You have the option to spend your day simply chilling at the lovely Matira Beach.

Intercontinental Thalasso

The incredible dining facilities and bamboozling lounging options of this luxury villa should be on your traveller’s list where you need to stay for at least a couple of days. It also boasts off an intimate bar where you can merrily relax, sipping on world-class beverages and feeling the sea breeze.

Le Maitai

There are 13 fascinating overwater bungalows at Le Maitai that will give you ample opportunities to enjoy the rich Polynesian marine life. Moreover, the charges for the services are quite affordable.


You can stay at the Signature Bungalow at Le Meridian that has an expansive terrace from where you can calmly sip the natural beauty of the Polynesian isles. It also flaunts a spiral staircase that emphatically takes you directly to an inviting lagoon.

Pearl Resort

For world-class spa facilities, you need to stay at the Pearl Resort in Bora-Bora Island. The bungalows are marvellously designed, dotted with lavish sun-decks and sophisticated features.

Sofitel Marara

It is a perfect temporary abode for a honeymoon couple. The romantic getaway is distinctly luxurious in every speck of its aesthetics, with ample privacy. A scenic landscape that has arguably no match anywhere else in the world.

St. Regis Resort

It has an Overwater Deluxe Villa that is speckled with an ultra-lavish dining gazebo, great lounging facilities, and a huge bedroom and kitchen, with a spacious bathroom.

Sofitel Private Island

You will get seamless access to the captivating lagoons from either of the two luxury bungalows of Sofitel Private Island, along with sophisticated private terraces and a wide range of ultra-modern services.